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Portfolio Management Service has qualified, and experienced portfolio managers backed by a strong research team managing portfolios on behalf of clients instead of the clients managing it themselves.


Pure Advisory Services where we offer

Portfolio Recommendation

Portfolio Monitoring

Portfolio Reporting

Non-Discretionary Portfolio Management Services

We offer the above advisory plus Trade Execution and Custodial services

Discretionary Portfolio Management Service

All investment related decisions, back office, Fund Accounting, and Custodian services are undertaken. The entire management of the portfolio is done by SBIFM.


Advantages of Using a Portfolio Management Service

Regular Reporting and communications

Tailor-made solutions & services

Privileged access to the Fund Manager

Detailed analysis and review of your portfolio

Control of Portfolio is ultimately in the Client's hands.



We offer Discretionary, Non Discretionary and Advisor services for our Institutional clients. The Institutional mandates are tailor made depending on the clients risk profile and requirements.


HNIs (Discretionary)

For HNI clients we offer discretionary products. One of our our maiden PMS offering for HNI Clients, launched in July 2016, was SBI Growth with Values for investors who wish to diversify a part of their portfolio into alternative investments.

International Investors

SBI Funds Management has been successfully managing and advising investors with an objective to provide opportunities for long-term growth in capital, through well-researched investments in a diversified basket of stocks of Indian Companies.


The Portfolio Managers

portfolio manager Mr. Dinesh Ahuja

Mr. Dinesh Ahuja

CIO – PMS & Alternatives Fixed Income

portfolio manager Gaurav Mehta

Mr. Gaurav Mehta

CIO – Alternatives Equity

portfolio manager Vinaya Datar

Vinaya Datar

Chief Compliance Officer & Company Secretary

portfolio manager Ravi Ratanpal

Mr. Ravi Ratanpal

Principal Officer and Fund Manager

portfolio manager Pankaj Jain

Mr. Pankaj Jain

Fund Manager

portfolio manager Sundeep Nigudkar

Mr. Sundeep Nigudkar

Fund Manager

portfolio manager Mehraj Ahmed Lone

Mr. Mehraj Ahmed Lone

Fund Manager

portfolio manager Ankit Gupta

Mr. Ankit Gupta


portfolio manager Jimmy Buhariwala

Mr. Jimmy Buhariwala

Fixed Income Dealer

portfolio manager Hardik Shah

Mr. Hardik Shah

Credit Analyst

portfolio manager Puja Kasat

Puja Kasat

Credit Analyst

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  • If you wish to invest, please contact your financial advisor or to invest Direct please write to us on or call us upon 022-61793000.
  • For any queries and complaints to be registered with Portfolio Manager kindly write us on
  • If not satisfied with the responses from Portfolio Manager, you can lodge your grievances with SEBI at or you may also write to any of the offices of SEBI. For any queries, feedback or assistance, please contact SEBI Office on Toll-Free Helpline at 1800 22 7575 / 1800 266 7575.
  • You shall first take up your grievance by lodging a complaint directly with Portfolio Manager (Refer Point - A). If the grievance is not redressed satisfactorily, then you may, in accordance with the SCORES guidelines, escalate the same through the SCORES Portal in accordance with the process laid out therein (Refer Point - B). After exhausting all available options for resolution of the grievance, if you are still not satisfied with the outcome, you can opt for online resolution of dispute through Conciliation/Arbitration on SMART ODR Portal at

Alternatively, you can opt for online resolution of dispute through the SMART ODR Portal if the grievance lodged with us was not satisfactorily resolved or at any stage of the subsequent escalations mentioned in the above paragraph (prior to or at the end of such escalation/s).

For details on the process and terms & conditions, please click here