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Portfolio Management

We offer an integrated end to end customized asset management solution for institutions by:

Understanding the client needs and requirements in terms of risk and returns
Providing asset portfolio recommendations.

The different approaches in offering Portfolio Management Services, by SBIFM are;

Pure Advisory Services where we offer
Portfolio Recommendation Portfolio Monitoring Portfolio Reporting
Non Discretionary Portfolio Management Services where
We offer the above advisory plus Trade Execution and Custodial services
Discretionary Portfolio Management Services
All investment related decisions, back office, Fund Accounting and Custodian services are undertaken. The entire management of the portfolio is done by SBIFM.
  Advantages of Using a Portfolio Management Service (PMS)  
Lower cost as compared to a mutual fund
Tailor-made solutions & services
Privileged access to the Fund Manager
Detailed analysis and review of your portfolio
Regular Reporting and communications
Control of Portfolio is ultimately in the Client's hands.

The different approaches in offering Portfolio Management Services, by SBIFM are;


Extensive Fund Management (Both Equity and Fixed Income) Expertise

Managing a wide variety of Schemes


A strong partnership with a Global Asset Manager (SGAM)

Bringing the best practices in terms of portfolio management, services and risk control

Allows a fast access to innovative products.

Safety and Reliability coming from a SBI group company

Note: We are currently offering PMS services only for institutional investors. We request investors to kindly send us their contact information at distribution@sbimf.com so we may contact you when we offer the same to retail investors.